Linux try out

First of all the reason – Why
Here might come a question why would you do that… Answer is quite simple:

  • It comes for free, no tricks, no catches.
  • Linux is faster than windows
  • More freedom to change things
  • You might be tired of windows crashes all the time

And here is my favorite:

  • I tired that windows asks for reboots almost daily, whatever happens windows in panic wants you to reboot the system, and time to time it even doesn’t ask you for permission to do so…. Maaaaan… You know how many times I needed to reboot Linux?!? – Once!! right after installation.


First of all you need to check system type (32 or 64). To do that the easiest way – right click “Computer” icon on the desktop or in the file explorer and chose properties. There you will find system type.


Downloading Distribution
For that time I will go with Xubuntu, though I have already Ubuntu installed. there you can read about it a bit, and after just press “Get Xubuntu”. I would recomend LTS (Long Term Support) release. Then you have a choice to use torrent for downloading or not. Pick the one that matches your System type (32/64) as we’ve just checked it. Through torrent it took for me about 20 minutes to download the distribution.

Creating Live CD / USB
To burn a disk image on CD – you can use Nero, Deamon Tools Lite or Alcohol 120%. I will go with USB option. To create Live USB – I will use Universal USB installer. In just free steps the magic will happen. Be careful, all the data from Usb will be erased, so before doing that copy files from Usb somewhere else.

Back ups
Usually everything going alright, but back ups is good practice anyway. Get external hard drive and leave your computer copying all the files you need for a night. In case you really worry about your Windows – you can create a System image and recovery CD

(Notes: recovery CD isn’t the same as installation CD, so you won’t be able to use it if you unistall windows. You cannnot create recovery USB, so in case you don’t have internal CD drive – buy an external one.)

To create both System Image and recovery CD – go to Control Panel/Back up and Restore.

Try out
Turn off your computer, plug in Live USB. If you have newer computer – for sure there will be Boot option, where you can chose which device from operating system should be loaded. Otherwise you can edit Boot order in BIOS. Usually to go there you need to press F12 right after pressing power button, however on a different computers it might be something else (F10, F2). Press Try Xubuntu. Check things out and if it is fine for you – install, either erasing windows, or aside (dual boot). What to do after – enjoy!

Different distributions
Xubuntu is not the only one Linux distribution. Easiest way to chose – download several of them and run them under virtual machine (VirtualBox).
Most popular ones for the last 6 months are:

  • Mint
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Mageia
  • Fedora

After installing Ubuntu I can name couple of good changes from my personal expirience:

  • It is really faster than Win 7 (boot and applications)
  • It requires less resources (I can declare that, based on the temperature of the laptop)
  • Getting apps through repositories is more handy
  • Sound is louder and has higher quality
  • Workspaces are awesome
  • It works without reboots

However there is one small thing: for some reason Skype doesn’t work… Anyway, I’m pretty much satisfied.