At the end of the day

Everyday we hear technological news, every week it’s about new discovery, every month we hear about a breakthrough, every year – an important fundamental research.


First frontier

Already today robots in everyday life is not just a science fiction, you can buy from the shop robot that will clean the floor or one, which looks like a dog. But of course their possibilities are still restricted by some factors like cost of the production, energy consumption, but the most problematic are difference of the operating systems what doesn’t make it easy for programmers to develop some additional robot’s functions and weak marketing. Even though I don’t know how to solve marketing issues, I already have seen in the internet some kind of “robot App store” – where people can for an example buy a program which will make your robot to dance rumba.

Even though today machines are created for some specific tasks, future makes us to think about multi-purpose robots. However, many people afraid of so-called “doomsday” or “rise of the machines” – when robots will try to take over the world. I’m quite optimistic about that, and I am not the only one. Isaac Asimov (science fiction writer and creator of the basic three robots laws) in the middle of the twentieth century wrote the series of books “Foundation”, where he shows robots as a personal assistants of the whole humanity. Even if robots made some bad things in his books, they did it because of the true villain – human. Also people can sleep peacefully, because there is already today organisation (Life boat foundation), which has a program “AIShield” (Artificial intelligence shield) and involving a lot of scientists an organisation develops a methods of fighting with “terminators”.

Second frontier

Bioengineering, unity of human and mechanisms. A lot of laboratories are developing right now either near future technology like brain implants plus glasses with camera, which will allow a blind people to see, or they doing something futuristic like Nano-bots which will be able to heal us. Already today we can find videos, how American military forces are testing exoskeletons which will help soldiers to carry heavy things. Even in our everyday life soon we will see a lot of people with Google-glass (it is not really about bioengineering, but still a big step to the right direction).

There is “” (Russian avatar project) – group of scientists which has a goal to build up “avatar”, so that in the end of the life human could transfer his mind into it and by doing this human will become immortal. Personally I, being an educated man, understand that no one should live forever, however increasing the life duration by scientific methods, or helping people with limited abilities are always good ideas.


The last frontier

According to the Moore’s law, processor’s speed will be doubled every eighteen months. Futurists like Ray Kurzweil believe it will lead to technological singularity (Point, after which technical progress becomes so rapid and complex, that it won’t be possible to reach an understanding). In simple, but more confusing words it can sound like we will observe limitless progress in limited time. Within Moore’s law approximately at 2030 people will create an artificial intelligence which is capable of self-improvement, it will strengthen itself unboundedly, passing each acceleration cycle faster, and at each stage finding new technological and logical possibilities for self-improvement. Automation and efficiency will be everywhere around.

And here as always we can find two different opinion groups, where one says, that it will bring to us solution for all world’s problems like food distribution, global warming, because machine will find that solution much faster than anybody. And on the other side people either don’t believe that it will happen soon (or even happen at all) or that it will bring the mentioned above “doomsday” for humanity.

An the end of the day

Personally, I believe that truth is always somewhere in between. I don’t think that point (singularity) will come soon.

So at the end of the day, if we follow rational behaviour – we make rational decisions. If we work together for the common goal – we solve the common problems. Progress (technological or any other) is the symptom of life, and if we are not optimistic about that – we are not optimistic about life, we are doomed to failure. At the end of the day, progress is just a tool in our hands, and only we ourselves keep responsibility how we going to use that tool and how much benefits we will get from it.



Singularity –
(physics) central point of a black hole, at which gravitation is approaching infinity.
(mathematics) A point at which the derivative does not exist for a given function but every neighbourhood of which contains points for which the derivative exists.

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