Terminal hands-on and logs

Alright it is time to install couple of apps without using graphical interface of package manager and look into logs a bit.

#1 – Game
First of all it is a perfect time to play some game. And after command “apt-cache search rpg” simply because rpg is one of my favourite genre,  the console gives me a lot of choice, but after reading some of the description I decided to go with “freedroid”, so with simple command “sudo apt-get install freedroid” in few seconds I can start playing. And I should say it is incredible. A lot of action, it is not rpg at all but still playable if you are fan of 8-bit music.


#2 System monitoring

So searching for some tool to monitor system activity – search game me an option called “ksysguard”, Seems that it has quite many dependencies and because of my slow internet it takes a while to install. Seems that everything is running smoothly and nothing to worry.

#3 Glitch in the matrix
You know that – matrix has you. But don’t be upset and just follow a white rabbit and chose right pill. An application cMatrix will turn you console into matrix monitor as well as it is possible to run the program in a screen saver mode.

Logs are located in var/log directory so being in var working directory typing a command “tail -f log/*” will allow you to monitor and follow all logs in the directory. And for example, changing a language will affect in changes in Xorg.0.log

Or for example, opening a date and time settings will cause the changes in syslog like that


Terminal is very efficient, fast and useful tool in most of the activities but only as long as you know how to use it. There is no way to read a book and learn all the commands you might need. So the only option is to learn “at-need” by doing.

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